The Challenge

The ChallengeThese are the squalid shacks of our team, each one housing four workers. Raw sewage and garbage littler the dirt and run through the shacks. There is no sewer system in the township.

These proud Zulu tribesmen travel over 1,000 miles from their homeland in the Kwa Zulu Natal area to Cape Town to find work so they can support their families. One worker supports seven to ten family members.

Our Zulu team are illegal squatters who live in the Imizamu Yethu squatter camp in Hout Bay South Africa.

The Challenge (continued)This is a picture of some of our Bugz Africa team. Two of these men died of HIV Aids related illnesses; one is currently recovering from tuberculosis; one recently barely escaped with his life when a fire caused by a paraffin lamp ravaged six shacks including his and destroyed it and all of his belongings; one had his shack blown away by wind and another lost his fragile roof to rain.

The challenges are the same but different for our new team in Mexico. These lovely single moms are blessed with children and were unable to find work. Now due to our new workshop they are employed full time and making a good income so that they can provide for their families. We will be updating everyone on the progress of Mexico but we are thrilled to have them on board and they are eternally grateful.

This project is for them.

The Solution

Bugz Mission Statement
Our Mission is to create long term, sustainable employment that provides financial security, well-being and hope to the people in Africa and our newest workshop in Mexico, by hand-crafting beautiful, colorful, delightfully happy products including butterflies and dragonflies to bring joy to others.

Our Zulu Commitment
BUGZ is a humanitarian company, supporting native South African tribes people with employment. We believe that job creation is a healing process. Every butterfly and dragonfly that is sold helps create more jobs. By teaching an individual a skill to make a product you empower him with more then just a product that he can be proud of, you enable him to put food on the table for his family, give him hope, a desire to live and to ultimately gain self-respect. In turn you help a community lower the crime rate and ideally you heal the community.

The SolutionWhat Bugz Has Accomplished To Date

  • Employment For More Then 25 Zulu.
  • Support Of Nearly 250 Family Members. Employment for a small team of single moms and their families. As we grow we will be updating on each team member.
  • Proper Clothing To Wear.
  • Communication Devices.
  • Bank Accounts. (This Took 12 Years)
  • Drivers Licenses For Some Of Our Team.
  • Upliftment To Better Jobs.
  • Maintaining Dignity And Self-Respect.

The Future
  • Proper low-cost housing with electric and running water for the team.
  • A proper clinic for the community in which the houses are built.
  • Continued creation of jobs.

How Can You Help? Keep Reading...

The Vision Of One Has Led To This Incredible Project

The Vision Of One Has Led To This Incredible Project

Paul Hunter is a British citizen who adds new meaning to the words Power of One. Born in 1951 in the Isle of Wight, Paul has known first hand what it means to be homeless and to struggle every day to put food into your mouth.

Once an accomplished musician with his own band and recording contract, Hunter toured the world for 13 years. Paul arrived in South Africa in 1989 and began working alongside the Zulu. When the tides turned, Paul needed a way to pay the rent and Bugz was born. His empathy for the Zulu grew forged by a determination to provide sustainable employment so that they could feed their families. He has provided for them selflessly using the modest funds from the sales of the Bugz to support the workers.

Over the years he has worked to uplift the Zulu and provide them with a better quality life. He has seen them through sickness and personal trauma and tragedy; through fires that ravaged their shacks and took all of their possessions. He has personally provided shelter and clothing for them even when it meant that he went without. Bugz is totally supported by the sales of the beautiful products as profits are put back into the company to sustain jobs and create new ones.

No outside, private or Government funding has been or is being used on this project. His mission has been to build proper housing and a clinic for the Zulu. Because of this one amazing man another emerging economy is now in the Bugz mix. We opened up a workshop in Mexico and it is manned by single moms. These women have small kids to teens and are alone in their quest to make a better life for their families. In some small way Bugz is working to help them change their lives. One Butterfly one dragonfly at a time. Yes Paul is only one person but he believes that he is only one person but he can make a difference one person at a time.

How Can You Help?

If you are interested in being a part of the housing project, please let us know.
Call Paul or Georgene at 011 27 21 797 2842 or fax at 011 27 21 761 9259 or email us at
Anything that you can do is most appreciated by the entire Bugz family. Visit our website at